Cheesestradamus 2022. Predict the results of the Green Bay Packers game each week.

Welcome to Cheesestradamus for the 2022 Green Bay Packer season. Compete against your friends and family with your Packer knowledge. Simple to do, easy to win! Fun for all. Always free. The Pre-Season games will be played and the points will only count as a tie breaker. You must first register to join the contest!

  • The Pre-season or Exhibition games are hard to predict. We will have Generic Questions and with 90 players who are being evaluated frankly, it's a crapshoot. Veterans may not play at all and rookies will be moved in and out of the lineup.

  • We need to play Cheesestradamus in order to check out the changes done during the off-season. The points accrued are used as a tie-breaker if needed. Last few years we had to use the pre-season points to get a winner so play even if it's just to get in the rhythm of playing “Cheese”.

  • Thats why we do preseason Cheese!!!

  • There will be cuts following each week of the preseason, first from 90 to 85, then to 80, and finally to the final 53-man roster. Here are the dates of those deadlines for 2022:

    • Tuesday, August 16: cut from 90 to 85
    • Tuesday, August 23: cut from 85 to 80
    • Tuesday, August 30: cut from 80 to 53
Answers so far for the First Exhibition Game of the 2022 season.
Players Name Packers Score SF 49ers Score Packers First TD (Who) Packers Passes Attempted. Packers Pass Completions Packers Passing Yards (NET) Packers Rush Attempts (total) Packers Rushing Yards (total) Both Teams sacks (total-all) Packers 1st FULL Sack (Who)
BobBrews1821Doubs, Romeo271614922792Slaton, T.J.
Joe Average1821Doubs, Romeo271614922792Slaton, T.J.

Scores for the last game played ( Week 22 ) of the 2022 NFL season.
Players Name Packers Score UnKnown Score Packers First TD (Who) Packers QB's rating (0-158) Packers Passing Yards (NET) Packers Rushing Yards (total) UnKnown QB's rating (0-158) UnKnown Passing Yards (NET) UnKnown Rushing Yards (total) Packers LAST Sack by (Who) Possible Total Points