The Football year will be broken down into Three separate contests and season High Score. The Exhibition games will (only) be used for Tie Breaking (all) contest's. So score as best you can in the preseason because you may need it?

Regular season weeks 1 - 9 will be the first contest.

The second contest will be the regular season weeks 10 - 18.

The third contest of the season is the playoffs games 19 thru 22.

On the Packers BYE week we will substitute a game with the NFC North teams if possible? We play EVERY week of the FULL NFL season.

The overall winner will be the person with the highest combined total of all regular season games played.

NEW The player with the highest weekly score for the current season will be awarded a prize also. (Not pre-season.) So if you stink all year and won't win a contest keep playing as you might get the seasons highest score. Bragging rights will be self awarded to all winners!

Remember that you must have your CURRENT address completed to receive the (token) gifts mailed out after the season ends! We will not share any information with anyone. It is nice to have friends play along with you so get your family playing Cheesestradamus!

The 5 top leading high scores.
Player Week Points

Click on the column header to sort by that criteria. Example...  Click on (Games 1 - 9) to sort for the leader in games 1 through 9. or (Overall) to see the standing at the end of this Season. The Overall Grand Total won't refelect Pre Season Points unless needed for a tie. The Pre Season is now called the Exhibition games.

Players Handle Pre Season Games 1-9 Games 10-17 Play Offs Overall
0 Players Total Points Total Points Total Points Total Points Grand Total