Cheesestradamus 2014. Predict the results of the Green Bay Packers game each week.

Welcome to Cheesestradamus for the 2014 Green Bay Packer season. Compete against your friends and family with your Packer knowledge. Simple to do, easy to win! Fun for all. The Season starts August 9th 2014! The Pre-Season games will be played as a shakedown or trouble shooting test. The points won't count for the grand prize except as a tie breaker. So you are encouraged to play every game! Get your friends to play to enhance your fun!

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Packer Field Goals Completed The total of all completed (scored) Packer field Goals.

Packer Passing Yards (total) means Total of all passing yards. DUH!

Packer Rushing Yards (total) means Total of all rushing yards. DUH!

Packer Rush Attempts (total) means Total of all rushing Attempts. DUH!

Different Number of Packer Receivers means the number of different Packers that caught the ball. (backs-Qb's,tight ends) Whoever is legal!

For all (number of times) questions the option is there to Pick 0 (zero) if you don't want to choose a number.

When you pick a drop-down player name for the first Packer to do whatever? I have a option for Nobody Will.

These are the answers given so far for week -3. You can change your answers right up to game time. Good luck to everyone! Check on the past weeks results on the left hand side panel.

Players Name Packers Score Titans Score 1st Packer TD (Who) Packer Field Goals Made Packer Passing Yards (total) Packer Rushing Yards (total) Packer Rush Attempts (total) Different Number of Packer Recivers Titans passing Yards (total) 1st Packer Sack (Who)
Joe Average 24 21 Andrew Quarless 0 222 115 32 13 233 Brad Jones
BobBrews 24 21 Andrew Quarless 0 222 115 32 13 233 Brad Jones
"These are week " -4 "scores. I hope you did well?"
Players Name Packers Score Opponents Score Thanks for Playing We will play preseason in 2014 Dates Aug 9th Lets all hope we can protect Aaron Rodgers better with a Healthy offinsive line Total Points
Final Stats 30