Cheesestradamus 2017. Predict the results of the Green Bay Packers game each week.

Welcome to Cheesestradamus for the 2017 Green Bay Packer season. Compete against your friends and family with your Packer knowledge. Simple to do, easy to win! Fun for all. Always free. The Pre-Season games will be played as a shakedown or trouble shooting test. The points won't count for the grand prize except as a tie breaker. So you are encouraged to play every game! Get your friends to play to enhance your fun! Lets expand this year by getting everyone to add a friend or two.

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There are approximately 23 days until the 2017 NFL season Schedule release? the schedules tend to be released in the middle of April on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

No need to evaluate the site until the modifications are completed. The site will become active as soon as the teams and dates are announced (about?) the 27th of April 2017

The Exhibition games or what was once called the (Pre-season) is a crap-shoot I know. 90 players on a side and veteran starters resting or inactive. No skill in that. But... the last few years we have had the Exhibition points decide the winner of prizes. The points accrued during the pre-season are only used to determine the winner of ties. The last couple of years we have had to use the tie breaker!

I have made extensive changers as to how points are counted and lots of internal changes to make it more automatic and easier for me to maintain. I would really encourage you to help me (and yourself) by playing the Exhibition season. Good luck!

The questions for the exhibition season will be more nonspecific due to the randomness of the players and the way the games are played. I will try to make it interesting as I can while trying to test certain features I added or changed. Thanks for your cooperation.

These are the answers given so far for week -3 You can change your answers right up to game time. Good luck to everyone! Check on the past weeks results on the left hand side panel.

Players Name Packers Score Unknown Score 1st Packer TD (Who) Number of Turnovers (Both) All Passing Yards (Both, Net) Both teams sacks (total-all) Number of TD's (both) Packer Rush Attempts (total) Packer Passing Yards (NET Total) First Packer Sack by (Who)
"These are for NFL 2017 season week 22 scores. I hope you did well?"
Players Name Packers Score Unknown Score 1st Packer TD (Who) Number of Turnovers (Both) Packers Pass Completions Packer Rush Attempts (total) Both teams sacks (total-all) Unknown Field Goals (total) Unknown Team QB's rateing. Last Packer interception (who) Your Total Points
Final Stats 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0